8 Places for Finger-Licking-Good Fried Chicken in Greater Vancouver

Everyone loves fried chicken. Ideal for late-night snacking, after drinking eating, or as a full meal with rice. Fried chicken is comfort, fried chicken is love, and fried chicken is the favourite dish at any potluck. So here are 8 places where you can get the good stuff that isn’t from off a fast-food chain menu. 

Win Win Chick-N

Steveston’s fried chicken spot is worth traveling for. Drums and thighs lightly breaded and deep-fried. Be sure you enjoy your order with their peppery gravy and a side of the sweet and salty Filipino style macaroni salad. 
Address: 12160 First Ave., Richmond BC

Big G Fried Chicken Steak

What started off as a Richmond Night Market sensation, now has its own brick and mortar location. Meaning you can get giant pieces of deep-fried, dark meat chicken, larger than your face; all throughout the year. We recommend the original, flavoured in a tasty salt and pepper. 

Address: 8338 Capstan Way #1231, Richmond BC

Riz Sushi Bar & Catering

This hole in the wall sushi and poké place has a new Korean-style hot chicken sando worth exploring. A thickly breaded and fried white meat chicken breast, topped with spicy kimchi and tangy mayo, sandwiched in a buttery bun. Available for a limited time only, so be sure to get come down for one soon. 
Address: 2887 East Broadway, Vancouver BC

Juke Fried Chicken

Gluten-free seekers rejoice, you too can now enjoy fried chicken. Juke specializes and only serves their gluten-free fried chicken. No flour, but all the same crunch. Best served with their in-house made barbecue hot sauce and runny honey sauce. 

Address: 182 Keefer Street, Vancouver BC

Downlow Chicken Shack

What started out as an underground food club, now has a large cult following, with steady lines out the door. Serving Commercial Drive their fried chicken as a three piece meal, or the main in one of their trademark sandwiches with house-made pickles. 
Address: 905 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC

Damso Restaurant 

What is better than Korean fried chicken, all the Korean fried chicken you can eat! Get this chicken deal every day between 9 to 11 pm for $17.99. Bottomless wings in your choice of flavours between soy and garlic, salt and pepper, or sweet and salty. 
Address: 770 Bute Street, Vancouver BC

Phnom Penh 

When creating a list of the best fried chicken options in Vancouver, you cannot leave Phnom Penh off the list. The Vietnamese restaurant’s name is synonymous with their deep-fried, chicken wings. Crispy drumettes and wingtips seasoned with plenty of garlic and served with a lemon and pepper dipping sauce. 
Address: 244 East Georgia St, Vancouver BC, 

Frying Pan Food Truck

Frying Pan boasts some of the best fried chicken in town with their 100% medication-free, free run, fresh chicken meat, sourced from local BC farms. The perfect start to their Nashville meets Korean style hot chicken sandwiches. 

Address: Vancouver based food truck with a downtown permit on the corner of W Pender St and Burrard St.

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