8 Soups to Reach for When You are Under The Weather, Other than Chicken Noodle

Flu and cold season is upon us. Runny noses, sore throats, and plenty of sneezing and coughing. So curl up with your favourite book, and keep comfy with a hot piping bowl of liquid love. They say chicken soup heals the soul, but here are 8 bowls to keep you warm and toasty that aren’t chicken noodle.

Liquids + Solids

1550 W Broadway, Vancouver BC
(604) 558-0544 or liquidsandsolids.ca

Liquid + Solids is a great lunchtime go-to. They have lots of hot soup waiting to be doled out. A variety to choose from and something to suit every taste. We recommend their Creamy Broccoli Soup, which is best paired with any of their house-made sandwiches. Sip and savour, or use it as a cheesy dip for any of their meat-filled, grilled paninis. 

Com Vietnamese 

7688 Alderbridge Way #120, Richmond, BC
(604) 285-2654 or comvietnamese.com

Located in Richmond, Com Vietnamese serves up modern Vietnamese cuisine. One of our favourite things on their menu is the Fish Cake Soup. A flavourful clear broth seasoned with the unlikely, but the delicious duo of dill and tamarind. And not that it needs any more flavour, but the fish balls, fish cakes, stewed tomatoes, and fresh chilli give it even more depth.

House of Tofu Soup 

4563 North Rd #1, Burnaby, BC
(604) 420-5254

A Tofu Soup so good that they named their restaurant after it. Korean style stewed and/or soften tofu served in a spicy fish broth, with plenty of seafood and vegetables, so it eats like a meal. There are several variations to this Korean style neon orange soup, served in a cast-iron pot with a bowl of rice on the side. Each, a great way to warm you inside out with its boiling heat and chilli powder spices. 

Wang’s Shanghai Cuisine

110-3328 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC
(604) 428-6818

Wonton Soup is the Chinese equivalent of chicken noodle, just as comforting, and just as sought out when you are under the weather. A light, clear broth made from chicken stock. It serves two comfortably with plenty of pork-filled wontons to go around. And to make it more hearty, simply ask for some noodles for wonton noodle soup.

Yuu Japanese Tapas

3779 Sexsmith Rd #1118, Richmond, BC  
(604) 214-7722 or yuutapas.com

Yuu serves up both traditional and Japanese style tapas and family-style shared plates. Here, you can enjoy one of their Japanese Hot Pots as a set with pickles and rice. A bubbling pot of clear soup kept warm under a flame. The soothing dashi broth is home to stewed root vegetables, fish cakes, seafood balls, and tofu.

Fanny Bay Oysters

762 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC
(778) 379-9510 or fannybayoysters.com

If you like seafood, Fanny Bay Oysters has two thick and chunky Seafood Chowder options to give you your fix. One is their award-winning clam chowder, a more classic recipe with Manila clams, corn salsa, smoked paprika oil, and pork belly. The other, a seafood chowder which includes cod, shrimp, and mussels in a tomato soup base. 

Jules Bistro

216 Abbott St, Vancouver, BC
(604) 669-0033 or julesbistro.ca

French Onion Soup is synonymous with fall, there is something so satisfying about breaking into a layer of gooey cheese and croutons to discover an earthy brew with plenty of meaty onions at its bottom. We like the one at Jules Bistro in Yaletown.  

Sawasdee Thai Restaurant 

4250 Main St, Vancouver, BC
(604) 876-4030 or sawasdeethairestaurant.com

There is nothing like Thai style soups. Lemon flavoured with a milky finish, these Hot and Sour Soup both satisfy and refresh. At Cambie’s Sawasdee Thai restaurant, they have five different variations that allow you to customize your proteins and vegetables. Enjoy a bowl with a creamier texture or one with some tart complexity. 

Featured Photo by Ella Olsson 

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