Chopstick Fest 2016 – Vancouver’s First Chinese Cuisine Festival Coming this Fall

chopstick fest xlb

Vancouver Foodie Pulse (VFP) had an opportunity to chat with Jennifer Hau, the managing director of Chopstick Fest 2016, and she answered a few of our questions.

chopstick fest 2016

chopstick fest 2016

VFP. What will Chopstick Fest 2016 bring to the food lovers of Vancouver?

Jennifer. Chopstick Fest is a unique festival for food lovers of Vancouver because it is the first of its kind in the Lower Mainland to focus specifically on Chinese cuisine and its diversity. Vancouver has some of the best Chinese food in North America, however there still remains misconceptions about Chinese food despite the proliferation of Chinese restaurants throughout our city. Chopstick Fest wants to showcase to the Vancouver food audience that Chinese food is not just about dim sum, sweet and sour pork, and wonton noodles, but is in fact a diverse culinary culture that offers a variety of flavours and dishes that are like no other. Participating restaurants will represent the nine Chinese culinary regions including Szechuanese, Cantonese, Shanghainese, and many more; giving foodies from all over Vancouver the opportunity to eat their way through China but from our very own backyard.

VFP. How are  the diners going to enjoy the Chinese cuisine? 

Jennifer. Traditionally, Chinese food is enjoyed family style, with everyone sharing a wide variety of dishes. Chopstick Fest will be staying loyal to this dining style by offering 3 prix-fixe menus for 2 persons, 4 persons and 10 persons. Each menu will feature both regionally authentic Chinese dishes and signature dishes of the individual restaurants.

VFP. When is the festival?

JenniferOctober 15-30, 2016.

VFP. What types of Chinese cuisine will be showcased?

Jennifer. Chinese cuisine is comprised of  8-9 regional cuisines. Chopstick Fest’s participating restaurants will showcase this diversity and will be representative of the individual regional cuisines. There will be restaurants that serve Cantonese food, Shanghainese food, Hunanese food etc.

VFP.  How many restaurants are involved?

Jennifer.  There are 30-50 restaurants across the Lower Mainland.

VFP. How Chopstick Fest 2016 is going to influence the local communities.

Jennifer. Chopstick Fest is working closely with local bloggers, media outlets, photographers and videographers for our event. This allows people from all sectors of Vancouver to participate in our event in a more personal and close capacity. It is also the perfect opportunity to foster better cultural connection and communication between the Chinese community and the rest of Vancouver through their mutual love of food.

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