8 top restaurants that serve fabulous dim sum

It is in the middle of the Spring Festival. For the 15 days of lunar new year festivities, there are plenty of options for celebrating with good Chinese food. Dim sum is among the most popular choices. Here are the top 8 Chinese restaurants in Greater Vancouver Area for the tastiest dim sum.

Yue Restaurant

110-8351 Alexandra Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 1C3
(604) 233-1219

Once an intimate Chinese eatery known for using unique delicacies in their cooking, Yue has moved into the current, much bigger location, and is now a full-blown upscale Cantonese style seafood restaurant. If you need a pinnacle experience of Cantonese cuisine, this is the place. Look for the award-winning dishes such as the Steamed Shrimp Dumpling and the Baked Durian Tart. The deep fried squab and any seafood dishes here are to die for too.

Shrimp Dumpling @ Yue Chinese Cuisine

Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant

4600 No 3 Rd #101, Richmond, BC V6X 2C2
(604) 279-0083 or cheftonycanada.com

The menu here reflects the ambitions or modern Chinese cooking and finest ingredients. Look for the Cuttlefish Shrimp Dumpling, visually stunning with mochi-like black wrapper, and topped wit gold flakes. The Black Truffle Pork & Shrimp Dumpling, is injected with truffle umami, making the classic siumai dumpling fun and hip.

Cuttlefish Shrimp Dumplings @ Chef Tony

Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant

8888 River Rd #150, Richmond, BC V6X 0E1
(604) 232-0816 or seaharbour.com

If Cantonese represents the most refined Chinese regional cuisine focusing fresh quality ingredients, cooking from Shunde is the crown jewel of Cantonese cuisine. For a taste of Shunde at Sea Harbour, order the Stuff Chicken Wings, one of the most elaborate and tasty dim sum dish that you can find in the city.

stuffed chicken wings @ Sea Harbour

Dragon View Chinese Cuisine

3779 Sexsmith Rd #1298, Richmond, BC V6X 3Z9
(604) 241-8828

Sharing the same name with the first 3-michelin star restaurant in Hong Kong, Dragon View is definitely among the best in the city. The crispy Shrimp Spring Roll and the super tender Braised Beef Tripe and Tendon cannot be missed if you are looking for an authentic taste of dim sum.

Shrimp Spring Rolls @ Dragon View


Multiple Locations

A well respected restaurant chain. The downtown location represent the highest quality in the area. The other locations in Vancouver West, Richmond, and New West are also committed to using seasonal and local ingredients for the better taste. Look for their new Shrimp Dumpling filled with beet and corn, a perfect example of embracing the local food trends.

Shrimp Dumplings with Beet & Corn @ Kirin Downtown

Red Star

Multiple locations

Red Star’s original location on Granville is one of the best options if you don’t want to travel all the way to Richmond. Seafood is their specialty and you can also find a nigiri bar as well. If you are looking for something other than dumplings, try the Curry Baby Octopus and the Sticky Rice Wrap for bold flavours and fun texture.

Curry Baby Octopus @ Red Star on Granville

Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

108-777 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4J7
(604) 876-8388i

A frequent winner of the “Best Chinese” category, Dynasty is among the finest Chinese in the city with refined Cantonese dishes with a rustic Chiuchow spin. The “Siumai” Pork Dumpling topped with black truffle and the lemon scented BBQ Pork Pastry stand out at dim sum service.

Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

Golden Paramount Seafood Restaurant

110-8351 Alexandra Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 1C3
(604) 233-1219 or goldenparamount.com

Chef/owner May Chau has made dim sum purists happy with her classic dishes, earning her the gold winner of “Best Dim Sum” by VanMag. Must order the traditional Steamed Beef Rice Roll, which everyone would find the flavour and texture extremely delicate. The Fried Bean Curd Roll, crunchier than traditional spring rolls, has an astonishingly delightful filling. The trick is to use finely chopped pork instead of using machine to mince. Talking about craftsmanship!

Fried Bean Curd Roll @ Golden Paramount

Honourable mentions:
Fisherman’s Terrace

Fisherman’s Terrace


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